Wednesday, December 10, 2008


There are days when I doubt myself. I think about all the things I wanna do with my life and then I hear "What? I'm not gonna do all that!"

I hate that voice. The You-Can't Voice. I hate the limits that it once has and still potentially could put on my life.

This morning, I accepted that this voice is a part of who I am, take it or leave it. I also accepted that fighting the YCV only gives the YCV strength - paying any attention to the YCV makes the things it says more likely to come true (in adherence with the law of attraction). The only way to truly reject Ms. YCV is to respect her existence, and shift my focus on my achieving my goals (like I would any other hater).

As soon as this happened, I checked my email inbox and saw my DailyOM horoscope for the day. I'd strongly suggest clicking the link (especially if you're a Taurus!) but in case you don't, the gist of the message was that today was a day where I might feel limitless in respect to my goals. Talk about being ON-POINT!

Limitless. Is it really possible to live a life without limit? I'm in the legal profession so not only do I know this isn't true - I have an understanding on just how some of those limits work. So then, it's not possible to live a live without ANY limit. But what about living a life with no limit to the greatness you can achieve?

I don't know the answer to that yet, but I intend to live my life trying to find the answer.

Limitless. I think I might add this to the list of my favorite words. Another one of my favorite words is:

ne plus ultra
Pronunciation: \ˌnā-ˌpləs-ˈəl-trə, ˌnē-\
Etymology: New Latin, (go) no more beyond
1 : the highest point capable of being attained : acme
2 : the most profound degree of a quality or state
© 2008 Merriam Webster Online

So technically it's not a word - more like a phrase - but when I saw this entry as my Merriam Webster Word of the Day back in June 2005 (God bless my memory) it automatically clicked with me. I remember that day I had been thinking about whether I had been living to my fullest potential and then saw the entry above. It clicked because the word/phrase means "the highest point capable of being attained" yet there's this back story (i.e., its etymology) that serves to remind that going to the highest point capable implies that there is a limit involved. At the time I had issues with going after my goals while respecting my natural God given limits - like for example, with time and sleep. Sleep is so important to success - learned that the hard way - and it's not worth sacrificing for an extra hour to get something done.

To live to my fullest potential, I HAVE to respect certain limits. Since 2005 I've learned to do this but now is the time for me to think and act and believe that what I can and will achieve is limitless. Is it possible to live limitlessly but within limits?

I'll have to get back to you on that.

One thing I do know is that the universe conspires to support me. Last night I needed to be reminded of this and lo and behold - I got the reminder via Twitter. The writer of this blog started following me right around the time I needed to remember this - and I just happened to be checking my email when Twitter sent me the notification. And so I checked his Twitter and his blog and what was his latest post called? The universe conspires to support you. I suggest you read his blog - it discusses the law of attraction really well - but if you don't, just understand that being open to the support of the universe is key to the support the universe will provide. Or in the words of a mullah that my friend heard during the Eid prayer:

God speaks to us, but our hearts need to be clear to hear it.

So I've been working on clearing my heart. Did a little bit just now by writing this - which I started because Ms. YCV started up her blathering as I watched Stylista and had a thought about something I would love to do. I hope your heart is clear enough to hear Him speaking to you.

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