Sunday, December 7, 2008

On Tricianess.


While this is the first posting in this blog, this is by no means my first blog post. You are reading what I intend to be the continuation of two blog ventures I've had going for awhile now: Tricia writes... and Tricia says. How I even got to writing two separate blogs is a long story (some of which you can read here and here, if you like) but basically: one blog was dedicated to my passion for writing, and the other blog was dedicated to my passion for everything else, including my legal career. I was treating my legal and literary pursuits as two separate parts of my life and having two separate blogs was merely a reflection of this. It dawned on me late last night that this was the wrong way to go about pursuing my dreams. While they don't have much to do with one another, both my pursuits are MINE, and I'm only one person. I don't lead a double life - I don't have a split personality - I'm me, singularly. So why should I be pursuing my dreams like they belong to separate lives? I believe the best way to go after my dreams is to approach them in a way that respects each pursuit as just an integral part of the whole "Tricianess."

What is Tricianess?

So the one thing that my literary and legal pursuits have in common is my passion for words. I love them so much that I read dictionaries for fun. While browsing through a dictionary one day I came across this definition:
-ness |nəs; nis|
forming nouns chiefly from adjectives: suffix
1 denoting a state or condition : liveliness | sadness.
© 2008 New Oxford American Dictionary.
While -ness is typically attached to adjectives, I thought, "Why not attach it to my name when speaking/thinking of my state or condition?" (Something only a logophile would probably think!) And there you have it. Tricianess.

So if you visit this blog, expect to read something or the other about the state or condition of being Tricia. There will be some poetry, some prose, some ramblings and other kinds of expositions about whatever's on my mind. Right about now, the major thing on my mind is passing the bar exam in February. There's some other stuff going on too. I have like two good pieces formulating. Hopefully I'll get one out by tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

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