Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Never been one to give up.

There are so many - too many - blogs with my writing on the internet! Just too many blogs exist where I've started to write with a particular concept in mind and stopped writing. But it figures (knowing myself as well as I do, anyway).  I've always been one to keep trying until I get it right.  Never really been one to give up on something that I want to accomplish.

I want to be published.  I don't know how it'll happen, I don't know where it'll happen and I don't even what form of writing I really want to publish - but I want to be published and I want my writing to be appreciated by the masses.  I love the law and I'm interested in public policy as well - I have no plans on leaving that world of public service for my writing.  I can't deny, however, that my first love and my true passion is in the written word - and sharing the written word.

The only success I've had with writing was with Xanga.  If you are in the Xanga community (or are interested in the Xanga community) check me out here (you'll need a Xanga username and password to view the blog).  I kept that blog up consistently from the end of 2004 to some time in 2008.  I gained a decent amount of followers and, to my delight, a few of those followers became my friends (and not just internet friends who I instant message now and then!).  I think the key to my success with that blog had to do with the consistency of my writing and also the fact that xanga is truly a community of blogs.  It was easier for me to keep up with the blog because when I wrote I felt like I was talking to my "friends" and between 2004-2008 (aka my time in law school) I NEEDED a support group to get me through it all! If you view the blog you'll see that I've written kind of recently but I don't keep it up as often as I did back then... I don't have the same need for a support group/blog I guess.

But I miss writing on a regular basis.  And I want to be published and I will not be published if I don't write. So I'm back at it. And I actually have things to write about!

I'm also going to go back to writing on xanga on a regular basis.  I want to see if writing success is easier when you have a built-in audience... I left xanga in part because it really didn't seem like the place to jump off a real writing career - blogger is much more accessible in terms of providing writing samples.

Let's see what happens.

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