Friday, June 4, 2010

It's a thin line...

After a significant argument with my significant other a few hours ago I find myself walking that thin line so famously discussed by the Persuaders. I've found myself here before - with him, and with one or two before him - and I'm always awed when I realize that there could really be this line between love and hate. It's the kind of line that, if I'm on it, feels like I'm walking a tight rope of tension - though there's no safety net waiting for me below.

Love and hate: two very powerful emotions - and the idea that they are simply emotions is even arguable. I find love and hate to be more action based than anything else - the feeling is sometimes the cause of the action, sometimes the effect of the action but you can't have the emotion without the action, I think. And, therefore, to think I could hate and love my SO with the same amount of deliberate action and the same strength of emotion... baffles me.

But here I am. No safety net.  It reminds me that love, whether it be an emotion or action, often involves taking a risk. Regardless of the outcome, the risk has proven to be worth it.  I've fallen and broken some bones (because I fell off the thin line before!) but I healed, and I moved on.  The thin line presents a tense tightrope on which to walk, though.  Ugh.

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